Creative Sky Psychology conducts clinical assessments for individuals of all ages. Clinical Assessments involve diagnosing through standardized assessment measures and an in-depth clinical interview. As symptoms of conditions often overlap or present similar, a clinical assessment can help determine the primary concern. Clinical assessments can be useful for treatment planning and tailoring intervention towards the underlying issue. Clinical interviews often involve investigating current and historical symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, and overall functioning. Creative Sky Psychology does not require a client to undergo an assessment or have a diagnosis to begin treatment. Often clients who are looking for an assessment have a specific reason; such as wanting personal clarification, school or university accommodations, as well as applying for additional support such as FSCD funding. Clinical Assessment can help individuals better understand their functioning and the psychological, physical, or emotional impact. Clinical Assessments at Creative Sky follow with a debrief session in which your psychologist will provide a written report and collaborative treatment recommendations. 



A psychoeducational assessment helps determine an individual’s unique learning strengths and challenges. Assessments can be a helpful tool for individual’s experiencing difficulties in school, attention and focus challenges, or behavioural concerns. Academic, learning, and attention issues often manifest into behaviours that do not match the underlying issue. One example is the child with learning issues who begins to act out in class. Another child however may feel anxious before school and start to avoid it. Psychoeducational assessments can be a part of the detective work to help both understand an individual’s needs and provide support. Psychoeducational assessments are typically conducted to determine individual’s learning strengths and weaknesses. Psychoeducational assessments assess a child’s learning abilities in several areas including working memory, processing speed, verbal domains, and problem solving. Clients may also complete an academic assessment along with the cognitive assessment to determine current academic functioning or the presence of learning disabilities. If a child is strong in cognitive areas of development but struggling academically, this information can help an individual with learning accommodations.



Creative Sky Psychology conducts ASD assessments using the gold standard measures such as the ADOS and the ADI-R. Additional observations are often a part of the assessment if needed. As part of the assessment additional clinical measures may be given to determine if co-morbid symptoms are impacting the individual as well as adaptive or cognitive functioning when needed. ASD assessments are completed in a very thorough manner at Creative Sky Psychology. Often the assessment includes a clinical assessment and/or an educational assessment depending on the individuals needs and previous assessments completed. 

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