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Cognitive Assessments

Cognitive Assessments (Intelligence Assessments)


Sometimes individuals are interested in understanding more about their cognitive profile. A cognitive assessment, sometimes also called an intelligence test or IQ test can provide more information about how someone learns and processes information. At Creative Sky, we focus on understanding more about an individual’s strengths, along with areas in which they may require support. Knowing more about someone’s cognitive profile allows us to provide individualized recommendations to enhance their learning at school. 

A cognitive assessment can be part of the process of identifying a gifted learner. Alberta Education states “Students are gifted when they perform, or show potential for performing, remarkably high levels of accomplishment in learning rate, depth of knowledge, and reasoning and problem-solving abilities when compared to others of their age, experience, and environment.” 

Areas that may be examined in a cognitive assessment include: verbal comprehension; visual-spatial abilities; fluid reasoning abilities; working memory capabilities; and processing speed. Additionally, completing a cognitive assessment can provide a Full-Scale IQ which can support understanding where an individual’s IQ is compared to their same-aged peers. 

Our assessment psychologists are highly experienced in providing cognitive assessments, including the Wechsler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence - Fourth Edition (WPPSI-IV), Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Fifth Edition (WISC-V), and Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV).

Within Calgary, there are particular programs and schools that require a cognitive assessment that identifies whether a student is a gifted learner. A cognitive assessment may be required for admission to specific school programs, such as Westmount Charter School or the Calgary Board of Education’s Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE). We always recommend reaching out to the school of your choice to learn more about application deadlines and if they require specific assessment instruments or areas of testing. 

Below is a typical example of our Cognitive Assessment process. Every assessment at Creative Sky Psychology is tailored to meet individual needs. Your clinician will work with you to design a customized plan. 

Intake Session

The intake session involves discussing informed consent, reviewing the assessment process, gathering historical and current information, as well as determining what questions we are hoping to answer through an assessment

Standardized Testing

This step involves Cognitive Testing

Assessment Report

We focus on creating a thorough, strength-based and personalized assessment report that provides evidence-based recommendations and strategies

Feedback Session

During the feedback session, we review results and strategies within the report and collaboratively discuss how to implement and prioritize strategies

If you are hoping to gather more information about Cognitive Assessments or you are hoping to schedule an intake session, please email

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