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Psychoeducational Assessments

Psychoeducational Assessments

Our psychoeducational assessments are highly individualized. A psychoeducational assessment examines some or all of the following areas depending on your child’s needs: 

  • Understanding your child’s cognitive profile - Do they process information more successfully in a verbal or visual format?Do they process information similarly to their other children their age? How much information are they able to remember at once? How quickly do they process information?

  • Understanding your child’s academic profile - Where is their reading, writing and mathematics compared to other children their same age? What are the particular areas in reading, writing and math that they are struggling with? What are their academic strengths? 

  • What are your child’s strengths within the educational environment? Do you or your child’s teacher have concerns related to attention and focus? What do their executive functioning skills look like? 

  • Behaviour looks different for all children. Some students may display more externalizing behaviour such as acting before thinking, interrupting conversations, or increased emotional dysregulation. Some students may show internalizing behaviour such as withdrawing, sadness, anxiety and worry. 

  • What factors may be impacting behaviour for your child? An assessment can help what factors are contributing to behaviour and understand more about the underlying causes of the behaviour that parents and teachers see at home and in the classroom.

Below is a typical example of our Psychoeducational Assessment process. Every assessment at Creative Sky Psychology is tailored to meet individual needs. Your clinician will work with you to design a customized plan. 

Intake Session

The intake session involves discussing informed consent, reviewing the assessment process, gathering historical and current information, as well as determining what questions we are hoping to answer through an assessment

Standardized Testing

a) Cognitive Testing ​

b) General academic assessment (i.e., reading, writing, mathematics) ​

c) Followed by more in-depth investigation into the particular areas within academics that are strengths and areas of impact (e.g., phonological awareness, orthographic processing, grapho-motor processing, executive functioning skills)

Socio-emotional Functioning

This step may include additional rating scales, phone consultations, observations, clinical interviews

Assessment Report

We focus on creating a thorough, strength-based and personalized assessment report that provides evidence-based recommendations and strategies

Feedback Session

During the feedback session, we review results and strategies within the report and collaboratively discuss how to implement and prioritize strategies

If you are hoping to gather more information about Psychoeducational Assessments or you are hoping to schedule an intake session, please email

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