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Creative Sky Psychology 

Creative Sky Psychology is located in the South West  neighbourhood of Killarney, Calgary. Our address is: #5  2005-37th St. SW.

Free Street Parking is available.  

Online Booking For New Clients 

Please Note:

For children aged 7-14 - Book with Danielle Nicholson

For children aged 3-6 - Book with Jennifer Hawkins 

For teens and adults aged 15 + Book with Leighton Doty 

To Inquire about Assessment Options (Gifted, Educational, Clinical, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder - contact


Calgary Child Psychologist Danielle Nicholson

Danielle specializes in working with children and pre-teens who experience challenges related emotion regulation, Anxiety, ADHD, OCD, ASD, and Depression.


If your child is 7-14 years years of age, book with Danielle

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Leighton Doty specializes in working with teens and adults who may be experiencing issues with adjustment, relationships, and work. Leighton also supports individuals with concerns related also  with Anxiety, ADHD, and OCD, Depression. 


For teens and adults aged 15 + book with Leighton. 

Calgary Child Psychologist Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer specializes in working with young children who may be experiencing issues such as ADHD, emotion regulation, social skills, and Anxiety.


If your child is 3-6 years of age book with Jennifer 


Calgary Assessment Psychologist Meghan Mak

Meghan specializes in conducting Clinical and Educational assessments for individuals of all ages. Meghan is particularly skilled in conducting complex assessments for individuals with ADHD, Autism, and Specific Learning Disorders.  Meghan can be reached at mmak@nupsychology for inquiries


Ashley specializes in conducting learning and clinical assessments for individuals of all ages. Ashley is specialized in conducting assessments for individuals with Specific Learning Disorders, Giftedness, as well as various clinical concerns. Ashley can be reached at agobin@nupsychology for inquiries


Calgary Psychologist Shannon Kelly

Shannon specializes in supporting individuals of all ages who have a gifted profile as well as dual diagnosis. She is skilled in helping gifted individuals reach their full potential. Shannon will be accepting new clients in April 2024. 

Calgary Psychologist Jessica Dawson

Jessica specializes in supporting adults who are struggling with Anxiety, ADHD, Relationship Challenges, OCD, and Depression. Jessica will be accepting new clients in June 2024

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