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Creative Sky Psychology is Here to Help

Creative Sky Psychology provides Psychology services for children, teens, parents, and adults who may be struggling with life's challenges. Our Psychologists are specialized in the ages, stages, and areas of concern they support with. We have a dedicated Child Psychologist, Teen Psychologist, and Assessment Psychologist. We help individuals reframe difficulties into learning opportunities .


Creative Sky Psychology provides general therapy for growth and wellness or specific counselling and intervention for individuals who are experiencing symptoms related to Anxiety, ADHD, ASD, OCD, Emotional Regulation and Sensory Processing challenges as well as Depression. Creative Sky Psychology supports children and teens who may be experiencing academic challenges and we conduct both Clinical and Psychoeducational Assessments.


We support individuals in managing areas of challenge related to relationship issues, self-esteem, body image, and sleep challenges. At Creative Sky Psychology we help individuals change in a meaningful direction and create lasting growth, problem solving skills, and build strength and resiliency. 

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