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creative sky and Covid-19




Creative Sky Psychology believes in providing Psychology services that match the needs of the clients. Creative Sky Psychology has a commitment to the physical and metal health of all  individuals during these difficult times.  The office remains open however protocols have been put in place. 

  • Disinfecting of seats, door handles, and any other surfaces that are touched between each session.  

  • Hand sanitizer is available at reception and all clients are asked to use it prior to entering your session.

  • Masks are required in public spaces, unless cannot be used for health reasons.     

The Creative Sky Psychology office is open for those that are comfortable doing in-person sessions. Tele-Therapy is also available and this includes both video sessions and phone sessions.  The online booking system has been updated to include 3 options: 1) In-Person, 2) Video, 3) Telephone. Please choose the option that best suites your needs.   

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