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What is Executive Functioning?


Executive Functioning skills are the mental processes that allow individuals to plan and organize, control impulses, regulate emotions, remember instructions, multi-task, organize, filter distractions, and prioritize tasks. Executive Function challenges are often present in children with Anxiety, ADHD, and ASD. Creative Sky Psychology helps children and teens develop skills to set goals, plan and organize in incremental steps, develop tools for self-monitoring, and to improve study skills. When Executive Challenges are present, it can be incredibly difficult to start a task, especially if it is not motivating. Multitasking or following multistep directions can also be especially difficult for a child or teen with Executive Functioning challenges. As the demands increase this becomes even more apparent in the later school years.


Executive Functioning difficulties often creates frustration and emotional difficulties, as it can be difficult to meet the expectations at both home and school. Creative Sky Psychology looks at the functional impact in the key areas of Executive Function. We help children and teens learn tools to break tasks down into manageable chunks depending on the individuals age and developmental level. When children feel successful, they begin to do better. 

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