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Parenting During an "Emotional Storm"

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Creative Sky Psychology works with parents at all stages of their child's development. This can involve discussion around best parenting practices, or how to support your child or teens unique needs.

Parenting is a big responsibility that isn't always straight forward. Sometimes the best thing for a child is the hardest thing and may seem counter intuitive. This may be taking a step back and creating a "holding space" for your child or teen. Learning your own tools and strategies to parent during challenging times is something parents can do to support their child.

One of the most effective tools in parenting is to discuss your expectations as a family when sails are smooth. During an "emotional storm", switch navigation strategies. Try to keep calm and validate your child’s emotional experience until waters are once again calm. When parents learn tools for navigating rough waters, they are modelling regulation strategies and parenting from a “wise mind” rather than an “emotional one”. That being said, when our emotions get to the best of us, we can also model healthy resolution strategies, such as apologizing for our mistakes. Parents who get professional parenting help often report a drastic improvement in their child’s functioning over time. A positive change in parenting can change the family system, increasing the well-being of children and parents alike.

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