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Common Signs of Depression in Children

Updated: Feb 9

Depression in childhood is more normal than we think. Recognizing signs of depression in children is crucial for early intervention. It is also important to seek professional help if you think your child may be struggling.

Changes in Mood - Persistent sadness and irritability along with unexpected mood swings can be a sign of depression in children. 

Changes in Behaviour - If your child has lost interest in their activities and is resistant to things they used to enjoy, this may be something to watch. Social withdrawals along with other changes such as sleep patterns and appetite may also be signs. 

Academic Decline - A sudden drop in your child's academic performance and/or decreased interest in school is a common sign of depression and should be monitored.

Low Energy and/or Fatigue - If your child is constantly tired and fatigued without reason such as physical activity.

Feeling guilty or Worthless - If your child expresses a feeling of worthlessness or guilt.

It is important to be aware of these signs and if they progress in your children. We encourage open communication with your child and remain patient and understanding of what they may be feeling and going through. We recommend seeking professional help from your doctor and a psychologist where you can express the concerns you may have.

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