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Psychologist Calgary

Psychology Services at Creative Sky Psychology

Calgary Psychologists Specializing in Therapy and Assessments for Children, Teens, Adults, and Parents 

Types of Therapy at Creative Sky Psychology

Calgary Child Psychologist talking providing parenting support

Teen Therapy 

Creative Sky Psychology specializes in providing therapy for adolescents who are experiencing challenges or will benefit from support and guidance. We provide supportive therapy for adolescents during times of challenge and growth .Teens experiencing social, academic, and adjustment issues can benefit from supportive therapy.

Calgary Child Psychologist providing art therapy

Child Therapy

Creative Sky Psychology supports children of all ages. Our team of Psychologists are specialized in their respective areas of Psychology. We support children who are experiencing social, academic, and adjustment issues. We provide support to help children build skills and develop resiliency.

Calgary Child Psychologist providing play therapy

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a method used by Child Psychologists that supports children to express their thoughts and feelings in a way that feels natural and safe to them. Children often have difficulties understanding how their thoughts impact their feelings.

Calgary child psychologist and art therapy

Art Therapy 

Art Therapy is an approach used by a Child Psychologist to help children gain insight into and express a wide variety of issues. Many children and teens have difficulties expressing their emotions and thoughts and benefit from having an outlet of expression. Art is often a fun activity for many children, which helps with therapeutic engagement.

Calgary Child Psychologist Shannon Kelly


Creative Sky Psychology helps adults who are struggling with with life's challenges, or those looking to explore areas of growth and wellness. We use a goal-focused  approach which allows us to start with where an individual is at. This laddering approach enables individuals to experience meaningful change.

Calgary Psychologist talking to a teen on a couch

Parent Therapy

We work with parents from a strength-based model and build capacity in parenting practices. When it comes to parenting a one size fits all approach doesn't always work. We support parents and consider the age and development stage of the child, the family dynamic, and the individual needs and goals of parents or caregiver.

Creative Sky Psychology

Creative Sky Psychology offers Child, Teen, and Adult Psychology services. We are located in Calgary, Alberta.  We have dedicated Child, Teen, and Adult Psychologists and support individuals with ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, OCD, and Depression. We support individuals who are growth orientated and would like to build strength and resilience. We provide assessments for individuals of all ages at Creative Sky Psychology. Our Assessment Psychologists provides both clinical and educational assessments.  Our Psychologists support individuals from a strength-based model and provide unique coping strategies. Please call for an initial consultation or book online.

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