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Creative Sky Psychology works with parents at all stages of their child's development. This can involve discussion around best parenting practices, or how to support your child or teens unique needs. 

Parenting is a big responsibility that isn't always straight forward. Sometimes the best thing for a child is the hardest thing and may seem counter intuitive. This may be taking a step back and creating a "holding space" for your child or teen. Learning your own tools and strategies to parent during challenging times is something parents can do to support their child. One of the most effective tools in parenting is to discuss your expectations as a family when sails are smooth. During an "emotional storm", switch navigation strategies. Try to keep calm and validate your child’s emotional experience until waters are once again calm. When parents learn tools for navigating rough waters, they are modelling regulation strategies and parenting from a “wise mind” rather than an “emotional one”. That being said, when our emotions get to the best of us, we can also model healthy resolution strategies, such as apologizing for our mistakes. Parents who get professional parenting help often report a drastic improvement in their child’s functioning over time. A positive change in parenting can change the family system, increasing the well-being of children and parents alike.


How Can I Improve My Parenting Skills?

This is a question I often hear in parent sessions. The first step to improving your parenting skills is to parent the child you have and recognize their unique needs, strengths, and challenges. It is important to set boundaries and give your child some control and choices within those boundaries. When parents feel they are struggling, professional help can vastly help the challenges that come with parenting and bring more quality time to your relationship with your child. 


Parents are people too!

It can be helpful for parents to seek professional help if they are struggling in certain areas. When parents address their own mental health issues, they are better able to support their children. Parent sessions do not have to focus solely on parenting. We live in a complex world. I help parents work through their individual challenges as well as parenting difficulties. 

What is healthy parenting?

Healthy parenting is NOT Perfect parenting. 


Healthy parenting involves setting clear and consistent expectations for children and teens. Healthy parenting involves allowing children to problem solve, make mistakes, and learn from the consequences. Setting boundaries helps children learn self-regulation skills and long-term coping strategies.  When parents are feeling emotionally healthy, they are better able to cope with parenting challenges and model problem solving and emotion regulation strategies.When we learn healthy parenting strategies, we can help build resilience and strength in our children. 

What are the 4 parenting styles?

The 4 common parenting styles are Authoritative, Permissive, Authoritarian, and Uninvolved. Understanding your style can help create healthy changes:

  1. Authoritarian parents are defined as being strict with a heavy focus on following the rules. Children who are parented from an authoritarian style tend to be timid and do not take risks.  

  2. Permissive parents are warm, accepting, and try to avoid confrontation. They do not want their children to experience adversity. Children with permissive parents may have difficulties with regulating their emotions and controlling impulses.

  3. Authoritative parents try to find a balance between setting boundaries and allowing their child to build independence and self-regulation skills. Children who are raised by authoritative parents tend to have better adaptive skills both as children and adults.

  4. Uninvolved parents typically have little expectations of their child and offer little nurturing. Children tend to struggle with self-esteem issues when raised with this type of parenting style. 


Parenting and Creative Sky Psychology

Do you struggle with parenting or wonder if things could be better between you and your child? Parenting can be one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of our lives. Creative Sky Psychology runs a dedicated parenting program based on creating resiliency and healthy boundaries, within parent’s own values and goals. 


If want to find to book a parenting session, please book online or contact me for additional information. I am available for phone, video, or in-person sessions. In-person sessions are available my office in Southwest Calgary. On-line and phone sessions are available for all residents of Alberta.