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Creative Sky Psychology is located in Calgary, AB. The Creative Sky difference lies in our unique approach. We are a team of specialized Psychologists who work with teens, children, and parents to provide a tailored approach. We use strength-based based modalities based on the latest research in child and teen development. 


Jennifer Hawkins, R.Provisional Psychologist

Jennifer specializes in working with preschoolers to preteens, (age 3-12) and is skilled in supporting children with Anxiety, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Challenges, Emotional and Regulation challenges, and Trauma. Jennifer is passionate about helping children learn to express their thoughts and feelings and finding healthy ways to cope. Jennifer supports all children in becoming the best versions of themselves. 

E-Mail Jennifer at:

Jennifer Hawkins, Calgary Child Psychologist

Jessica Dawson, R. Psychologist

Jessica specializes in with working with young teens, teens, and adults (age 12+) in areas related to relationships, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and body image issues. Jessica supports individuals using CBT, Solution Focused Therapy, and Regulation strategies. Jessica is also skilled in couples counselling and is trained in the Gottman method. Jessica incorporates a collaborative and integrative approach with her clients. 

E-Mail Jessical at:


Jessica Dawson, Calgary Psychologist

Shannon Kelly, R.Psychologist

Shannon specializes in working with individuals who are struggling with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, OCD, and ADHD. Shannon also specializes in working with parents. Shannon uses various therapeutic modalities to support her clients goals, learning styles, and strengths. 

E-Mail Shanonn at: 

Shannon Kelly, Calgary Psychologist


Meghan Mak, R.Psychologist

Meghan has extensive experience in the assessment of developmental, learning, cognitive, attention, emotional, and behavioural concerns, from infancy through adulthood. Meghan believes in empowering her clients to understand their strengths and provides individualized recommendations to support every individual to thrive. Meghan has expertise in conducting the following assessments. 

  • Psycho-Educational Assessments

  • ADHD Assessments

  • Gifted Assessments 

  • Autism Spectrum Assessments

  • Post-Secondary Assessments

  • Clinical Assessments for Depression and Anxiety-related concerns

E-Mail Meghan at: 


Meghan Mak, Calgary Assessment Psychologist

Leighton Doty, Psychometrist

Leighton is a psychometrist for Creative Sky Psychology and conducts clinical, educational, academic, and cognitive assessments necessary for IPP plans, and educational accommodations. Leighton supports individuals with anxiety, depression, impulse control disorders, mood and personality disorders. She creates individualized treatment plans and interventional strategies in order to tailor each counselling session and/or psychological assessment to the client’s unique and individual needs. 

E-Mail Leighton at: 

Leighton Doty, Psychometrist

Ashley Gobin, R. Psychologist 

Ashley is an assessment psychologist who has formal training in completing psycho-educational assessments for both children and emerging adults. Ashley focuses on areas related to Specific Learning Disorders, ADHD, identifying Gifted Learners, Intellectual Developmental Disorders, Anxiety, and Depression. She has worked in a variety of settings including other private practices, early intervention, and currently works with a school board. 

E-Mail Ashley at: 

Ashley Gobin, Registered Psychologist
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