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Creative Sky Psychology supports children during times of challenge. Children  experiencing social, academic, and adjustment issues may benefit from child therapy to build skills and increase awareness . Creative Sky Psychology provides specialized Child Psychology services located in Calgary, Alberta. We support children with challenges related to:

  • Academics (building Executive Function Skills)

  • Adjustment and Change

  • Divorce

  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

  • Anxiety (Social, General, Specific Phobias)

  • ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

  • Depression

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Building social and play skills

  • Self-Esteem

  • Building Confidence and Resilience

Child Therapy at Creative Sky

Child therapy at Creative Sky Psychology is uniquely tailored to match the age, developmental needs, and the willingness of the child. If a child is experiencing challenges, the primary goal will be to determine what is causing the underlying struggles. Our belief is that  "all children want to do well". Children do not always have the ability to express the difficulties they are experiencing. Issues may involve challenges with problem solving, social skills, emotion regulation, anxiety, or sensory processing difficulties. Some children may also have symptoms relating to ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Depression or OCD which impacts their well-being. These childhood conditions, though common, can create behaviours that are frustrating for parents and teachers. Children may display aggressive or withdrawal behaviours when they are not doing well. A Child Psychologist can help determine what the underlying roadblock is. We call this “detective” work. Once we determine the roadblock, we can start removing obstacles and building skills. Some children are open and willing to talk about their thoughts, feelings, and emotions, whereas other young clients require a combination of Talk Therapy, Play Therapy, and Art Therapy. At Creative Sky Psychology, we take the approach of being child-centred. This means we work with the developmental needs of a child, and adjust the language and sessions to match the child’s strengths and abilities. Strategies that are tailored to a child's strengths and learning preferences are more likely to be successful in the long term. 


Do Parents Attend Therapy Sessions With Their Child?

At Creative Sky Psychology, every child and family benefits from a tailored approach. Children that are comfortable talking with a Child Psychologist often don't require parents attending the session. Some children, however, find having a parent in the room can ease their anxiety. Children often feel comfortable attending therapy sessions alone very soon into the first session. In therapy, children have fun while they learn and are often quickly at ease. Another approach that I commonly use is having a parent attend the first or last 15 minutes of the session. This allows me to teach the tools and strategies to parents which can then be used in the home. 

Does My Child Need To See A Psychologist?

Contrary to popular belief, children do not need to have serious issues or struggles to see a Child Psychologist. A Child Psychologist can increase overall wellness by helping children develop awareness and the skills to thrive. This can be in developing emotional literacy, increasing coping skills, and building strengths and confidence. Parents may also book their own sessions before issues arise to learn about their parenting style and how to increase their awareness of development and parenting practices. 


 A child will certainly benefit from seeing a Psychologist when they have struggles at home, school, or in the community. A Psychologist will ask about the impact an issue is having on your child’s functioning and well-being. It is best to seek help sooner than later. Often difficulties can become internalized, causing additional issues. This is often the case with social, emotional, or academic issues. When left untreated, children can develop anxiety or depression, and may experience long term difficulties.  

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Common Signs of Mental Health Issues Or Psychological Distress

Children express mental health issues and distress in various ways. An experienced Child Psychologist knows what to look for. Often in children “behavioral” issues may arise. These behaviors can be misconstrued as “bad" or "oppositional”. Complaints such as headaches or stomach aches are also very common. Your child may experience difficulties with bedtime or have nightmares. Kids experiencing psychological issues may also have changing sleep patterns. They may start avoiding friends or refuse to go to school. This can be very worrisome for parents and cause disruption to home life. It can also be difficult to tease out the difference between typical development and problematic issues. When your child is not thriving, an experienced Child Psychologist can help get things back on track. A child’s behavior is something observable, it is the “viewable” tip of the iceberg. At Creative Sky Psychology, we look underneath the iceberg and target therapy in this area causing the most impact. We help children learn to solve problems and deal with issues as they arise, in order to develop long term resiliency and independence. Children at Creative Sky learn coping skills, sensory regulation strategies, emotion regulation tools, social skills, and problem-solving strategies. The goal isn't to eliminate problems, rather to help children navigate challenges in a way that allows them to learn, grow, and thrive. 

20 Signs Your Child may be Experiencing Mental Health Issues

  1. Difficulties with sleeping, either too much or too little 

  2. Nightmares

  3. Is very sensitive

  4. Avoiding friends and/or social situations

  5. Refusing to go to school

  6. Bullied at school or in their peer group

  7. Your child doesn't have friends

  8. A lack of joy and/or ongoing sadness

  9. Persistent anger

  10. Your teen no longer talks home or school

  11. Refusing to eat

  12.  Reoccurring headaches

  13.  Persistent stomach aches 

  14.  Exhibiting behaviour that is harmful to self or others

  15.  They have suicidal thoughts

  16.  Struggling with concentration

  17.  Becoming frustrated easily

  18.  Out of control behaviour or meltdowns

  19.  They are excessively worried or fearful

  20.  Shaking or sweating in certain situations

Depression and dark cloud

How Do I Tell My Child They are Going To A Psychologist?

Most children are not opposed to going to a Psychologist. Your child will benefit from being prepared about what will be discussed and what to expect during their initial visit to a Psychologist. Talk to your child when they are calm and let them know they are going to a safe place where they are going to learn about themselves.  Similar to the first day of school, going to see a Psychologist for the first time can be an anxiety provoking situation.  Every child is different and if this is a concern reach out to the Child Psychologist prior to the session to discuss a plan as to how to approach this.

Child Therapy and Creative Sky Psychology

Child Psychology is an excellent tool used to gain insight into the root cause of your child’s struggles. Strength-based coping strategies enable your child to grow and thrive. Therapy can be a very effective approach that helps children build strategies and tools which help with current challenges, as well as builds resiliency and coping strategies for future challenges. We offer Child Psychology located in Calgary, Alberta.  Please call for an initial consultation or book online. 

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