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adult psychology gaining insight



Creative Sky Psychology helps those who are struggling with with life's challenges, or those looking to explore areas of growth and wellness. We use a goal-focused  approach which allows us to start with where an individual is at. This laddering approach enables individuals to experience meaningful change.


We use evidence-based techniques from ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Narrative Therapy, and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help individuals align their actions with their personal goals and values. As we learn to recognize and move with our thoughts and emotions, our distress can often subside, leaving more room for growth and opportunity. 

Creative Sky Psychology works with adults to provide therapeutic support for various issues and challenges. We offer support for managing emotions, relationships, personal and professional development, as well as difficulties related to ADHD, Anxiety,  ASD, Depression, and related Mood Disorders, OCD, and related difficulties. 


Creative Sky Psychology also offers therapeutic support for parents who are hoping to deepen their understanding of how to support their child. When parents are feeling emotionally healthy, they are better able to cope with parenting challenges and model problem solving and emotion regulation strategies. Therapy can be described as supportive, growth and goal orientated, and values based. When clients learn to identify their own values and strengths, lasting change often follows. We work with adults to help manage areas of challenge within the home or workplace. 


Creative Sky Psychology supports individuals to develop insight, awareness, and new patterns of thinking and being. Creative Sky Psychology provides therapy for individuals wanting to explore themes related to growth and development. We  help clients develop insight, agency, and find the tools to cope and build their strengths. 

Our Adult Psychology website offers additional information and specialized Psychology services for individuals, couples, and adult assessments. Please visit for additional information on adult Psychology services.  

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