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When life becomes challenging, it can be difficult to know where to turn. On the road to change, it can be helpful to have support and guidance.At Creative Sky Psychology, individuals experience lasting growth and positive change in a direction that is meaningful and personalized.  Creative Sky provides strength based therapy for children, teens, and adults.  Creative Sky Psychology was founded by Shannon Kelly, Registered Psychologist, located in Calgary Alberta. 


A Unique Name. Creative Sky Psychology grew from a quest to provide strength-based therapy for children, teens, and adults. Strength-based therapy involves supporting individuals from a wholistic model. Creative Sky believes in the limitless potential in all individuals. The Creative Sky Difference lies in the unique approach to creating change. At Creative Sky Psychology, an individuals unique goals, learning style, and strengths and challenges are used to create meaningful change. This mental wellness philosophy differs from a traditional mental health model and allows individuals to experience growth using the principles of Narrative Therapy, Positive Psychology, and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). 

Creative Sky provides a supportive and engaging environment, to foster long term wellness. Individuals of all ages learn coping strategies to manage life's difficulties and build resiliency. Supportive therapy is provided for individuals with symptoms related to Depression, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, ADHD, ASD, Self-Esteem, Social Issues, Sensory Processing Challenges, Stress Management, and Emotion Regulation. Individuals who are functioning well are also invited to explore themes for growth in a therapeutic environment. This may be related to exploring personal relationships, managing stress or life's transitions, and discovering how to live a life with meaning and value.


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Creative Sky Psychology supports the growth and wellness of children. Creative Sky Psychology reframes difficulties into growth opportunities. This enables your child or teen to build strength and resiliency within a developmental framework. The skills your child or teen learns in therapy creates positive coping abilities for future situations. Creative Sky Psychology helps children with areas related to ADHD, Anxiety, ASD, Depression, Anger Issues, Family Difficulties, School Challenges, Social difficulties, Mood Swings, OCD, Body Image Issues, and Emotion Regulation Challenges.  We combine therapeutic art and play techniques with skill building. Children learns to manage areas of challenge while feeling calm and engaged. 


We work with teens to build insight and growth in a safe and engaging environment. If your teen is struggling,, therapy can be a safe place to manage life's challenges. Therapy can be helpful for teens that are experiencing challenges related to Anxiety, ADHD, ASD, Depression, family problems, school problems, bullying, self-esteem issues, and emotional struggles. Teens who come to therapy may also be struggling with sadness, adjusting to change, anger, and stress. Teens benefit from therapy by learning to identify the root of the distress as well as coping strategies. Many teens today face additional challenges with social media and social pressures, body image challenges, academic stress,  and  anxiety regarding an uncertain future. We help teens build strength and resiliency, while learning to navigate this sensitive period in development. When working with teens, a combination of talk therapy with creative therapeutic exercises is often to most beneficial. 


Creative Sky Psychology welcomes adults of all ages using strength-based principles of Positive Psychology, Narrative therapy, CBT, and ACT. These evidence-based techniques are aimed at maximizing positive emotions as well as aligning thoughts and behaviours with personal values. We support adults with challenges related to ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, stress in the workplace, relationship difficulties, and Addiction. Creative Sky also  provides clients with a space for personal growth and insight building who may not typically see a Psychologist. We work from a wellness model, rather than a “illness” model which allows all individuals to experience growth. In person, online, and phone sessions are available to help individuals develop tools to deal with anxiety, sadness or depression, challenging social situations, coping with separation or divorce, parenting issues, increasing self-esteem, as well as life changes, stress, and burnout. 

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. ACT is a an evidence-based therapy used at Creative Sky with both teens and adults. ACT allows individuals to align their actions with their personal goals and values. It encourages individuals to develop both agency and flexibility and move “with”  inner thoughts and emotions rather than excessively control them. This allows individulas to manage certain challenges, while making changes that are personally meaningful. ACT is used to effectively manage generalized and social anxiety, as well as specific phobias, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and depression. Individuals often report that ACT therapy allows them to feel less distress as they learn to effectively manage thoughts and emotions. I am trained in using Acceptance Commitment Therapy for both teens and adults. 


Regulation Therapy is used with individuals of all ages at Creative Sky Psychology who benefit from learning coping tools and regulation strategies. Clients learn how to understand and connect to various emotion and body relation states. This enables individuals to develop unique coping strategies for moving between various emotion and body regulation states. Using principles of interoception, sensory processing, mindfulness, and CBT (understanding how thoughts influence feelings) enables children, teens, and adults to learn how to develop both awareness and unique coping mechanisms. At Creative Sky Psychology, it is taught that there are no “bad” emotions; however there are times when we want to recognize and have tools for emotion regulation. 


Words matter. Our story can influence our thoughts and behaviours. Narrative therapy proives a unique platform to support individuals of all ages. From a narrative perspective, individuals can deconstruct unhelpful thoughts and stories and learn to build a script that is aligned with new goals and values. Narrative therapuy can provide a language rich platform of strength, resiliency, and create new pathways to change. At Creative Sky Psychology narrative therapy is woven into the language and strategies used to support wellness. Individuals are seen as “whole” and separate from their problems. It is true that we have unique problems and challenges. It is also true that we are more than our problems. I help individuals deconstruct such challenges and find unique outcomes. 


Our thoughts aren't always true. They feel true, however at times they can work against us. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is an evidence based therapy that helps individuals learn to recognize and challenge their unhelpful thoughts. When we learn to change our thought patterns, our behaviours follow suit. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy supports allows individuals to develop an awareness of their thoughts, identify problems more clearly, and learn to distinguish between facts and assumptions. Cognitive Behaviour therapy allows individuals to create new habits, patterns, and ways of being. Creative Sky Psychology incorporates Cognitive Behaviour Therapy into therapy with individuals of all ages as it is useful in treating a variety of conditions. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is especially helpful  in treating Generalized Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic, Depression, OCD, Phobias, and Addiction. It is also helpful in treating stress, relationship issues, and low self esteem as individuals learn to challenge thoughts and patterns that are creating emotional distress.