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psychoeducational assessment calgary

Assessments at Creative Sky Psychology

Calgary Child, Teen and emerging Adult Psychology and Assessments

What Are The Benefits of Completing an Assessment? 

  • Determining an individual’s unique learning strengths. 

  • Learning more about a student’s current functioning related to cognition, academics, and socio-emotional functioning.

  • Learning if a student may meet the criteria for a diagnosis such as: Autism, ADHD, Specific Learning Disorders, Intellectual Developmental Disorders, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

  • Individualized recommendations, including for school, university, or post-secondary accommodations, as well as applying for additional support such as FSCD funding.

Assessments at Creative Sky Psychology

  • Our assessment team is focused on providing strength-based assessments with individualized strategies and recommendations. 

  • An assessment is a comprehensive process that focuses on understanding each child and family’s individual needs.  The assessment team works with families at a pace that feels right for them.

  • Prior to completing an assessment, we recommend reaching out to our assessment team to determine if our practice is the best fit for your family and to answer your questions about the assessment process.

Creative Sky Psychology

Our team of child, teen and adult psychologists are located in Calgary, Alberta. We support children, teens and adults with ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, OCD, and Depression. We provide assessments for individuals of all ages at Creative Sky Psychology. Our Assessment Psychologists provides both psychoeducational and autism assessments. Our Psychologists support individuals from a strength-based model and provide unique coping strategies. Please call for an initial consultation or book online.

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