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Creative Sky Psychology and Common Concerns

Creative Sky Psychology provides Child, Teen and Adult Psychology services. Our Child Psychologists are specialized in the ages, stages, and areas of concern they support with. We are a team of dedicated Child Psychologists, Teen Psychologists, Adult Psychologists, and Assessment Psychologists. We help individuals of all ages reframe difficulties into learning opportunities. Creative Sky Psychology provides general therapy for growth and wellness or specific counselling and clinical intervention for individuals who are experiencing symptoms related to the following:



Creative Sky Psychology

Creative Sky Psychology is a team of Specialized Psychologists located in Calgary, Alberta. We provide child, teen, and adult Psychology services. Therapy is an excellent tool used to gain insight into the underlying cause of an individual's struggles. We provide strength-based coping strategies to help individuals grow and thrive. We have dedicated Psychologists for preschoolers, children, teens, adults, and parents. Creative Sky Psychology has specialized Assessment Psychologists that provide both clinical educational assessments. Please call for an initial consultation or book online.

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