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What is Emotion Regulation? Why does it Matter?

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Emotion regulation, simply put, is the ability to move through big feelings, or to cope with the demands of an emotional experience. Developing emotion regulation skills is a life long skill and does not always come naturally to everyone.

Some individuals benefit from professional support to learn the skills and additional time to grow and thrive. The ability to regulate emotions is associated with better mental health and improvement in academic and social functioning.

Emotion regulation should be taught in a safe and calm environment. Individuals should also be given the opportunity to practice their new skills in a supportive manner! Taking the time and patience to help someone regulate will both model what healthy regulation is and keep them safe in the experience they are having.

Let's imagine you are frustrated and you are with a friend or partner. Would you feel better if they said "JUST CALM DOWN" or "Let me know how I can help". Easier said than done, but it hleps!

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